A Tribute to Alvin Dominic de Guzman

Alvin was my nephew, a fiercely talented musician with a modest, loyal, caring spirit. He died in 2017, after a 3-year battle with sarcoma that had spread to his brain. His family raised funds to produce DeltaRex-G for him, but he passed away before sufficient funds were raised to manufacture the medicine. As a tribute to Alvin, we are continuing our effort so that cancer patients can benefit from gene-targeted medicines like DeltaRex-G, which has saved the lives of eleven patients with sarcoma, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, kidney cancer, and B cell lymphoma.

by Dr. Erlinda Gordon

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We wish to acknowledge and memorialize Alvin’s friends, family, and others who made generous contributions in 2017 to the "Save Alvin from Cancer & Many More" GoFundMe campaign. This was prior to the founding of the Aveni Foundation in 2018. Find a selection of donors below, or follow the link provided for the complete list.


Ritchie & Keri Tuazon

Trader Joe's

Julie & Mark Masters


Erlinda Gordon





Emerito Cavestany

Eric Mack


Carre Callaway

Mickey Madden



Hanni Loughman

Don Brigham

Sammy Fayed


Adrian & Cherry Cavestany

Eric & Leely Brumm

Tom & Nelly Caragan