We are committed to rapidly developing gene targeted therapies for cancer and other unmet medical needs.

Metastatic cancer is associated with an invariably fatal outcome and causes over 600,000 deaths per year (American Cancer Society, 2018). It is our mission to support timely development of innovative therapies for this unmet medical need.

For our first program investment, the Aveni Foundation will raise $10M for specific projects that aim to develop new cancer therapies without the toxic side effects of chemotherapy.



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DeltaRex-G is a tumor-targeted genetic medicine that accumulates in tumors and delivers its lethal payload only to the cancer while sparing neighboring normal organs. DeltaRex-G received fast track status from the USFDA and accelerated approval from the PhFDA.


DeltaVax is a tumor-targeted genetic medicine that delivers an immune activator directly into the tumor. By so doing, the person’s own immune cells are recruited into the tumor for personalized autovaccination.


In a clinical study, combinatorial therapy with DeltaRex-G and DeltaVax has increased cancer patients’ one year survival from 0 to 86% after failing standard therapies. Eleven patients are alive 9-11 years later.

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Father Joseph Aveni

At 92, Father Joseph Aveni, RCJ was diagnosed with advanced cancer with extensive bone metastases. At his advanced age and with delicate health, he could not take standard chemotherapy and his prognosis was poor. Father Jessie Martirizar requested Rexin-G to help reduce his pain. On receiving the GeneVieve Protocol (Rexin-G + Reximmune-C), not only was his pain ameliorated but his condition unexpectedly began to improve. Father Aveni was able to complete the therapy for one year. During that time, he said Holy Mass, taught the Rogationist seminarians, and blessed and comforted other cancer patients who came to the clinic. When asked about his health improvement, he said “Only God knows why I am still alive.” He passed away in the Lord on July 24, 2010.


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