Father Joseph Aveni, RCJ

At 92, Father Joseph Aveni, RCJ was diagnosed with late stage cancer with extensive bone metastases. At his advanced age and with a history of delicate health, he could not take standard chemotherapy and his prognosis was poor. Father Jessie Martirizar requested Rexin-G, a gene-targeted therapy, to help reduce his pain. On receiving the "GeneVieve Protocol" (Rexin-G + Reximmune-C), not only was his pain diminished but his tumors shrank dramatically and he was able to walk again. During his one year course of therapy, Father Aveni said Holy Mass, taught the Rogationist seminarians, and blessed and comforted other cancer patients who came to the clinic. When asked about his health improvement, he said "Only God knows why I am still alive." Father Aveni died of natural causes on July 24, 2010.

Eight years later, the process of Father Aveni's beatification and canonization continues. The Foundation is named in his honor with the earnest prayer for intercession on behalf of these medical alternatives so that they may benefit cancer patients.