The Aveni Foundation is committed to expediting development of gene-targeted therapies for metastatic cancers and other unmet medical needs.

Metastatic cancer is associated with an invariably fatal outcome accounting for 8.8 million deaths worldwide in 2015, a global burden which is expected to increase beyond 13 million by 2030 (World Health Organization, 2018; American Cancer Society, 2018). It is our mission to support the timely development of innovative targeted therapies for cancers and other diseases.

For our first program investment, the Aveni Foundation will raise $10M for specific projects that aim to develop promising new therapies which provide clinical benefits without the toxic side effects of chemotherapy.

The foundation is named in honor of Fr. Joseph Aveni, RCJ, a Rogationist priest who experienced significant clinical benefit from a gene-targeted therapy (Intl J Oncol 36:1341-1353, 2010), and whose cause of canonization is ongoing.



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