Letter from Ruth Oliver (10 year pancreas cancer survivor)

Dear Dr. Gordon,

I’m overjoyed to hear your news and will always support you in every way I can. 
Sounds like you have been successful once again and my prayers are being answered
Your path has not been easy and I’m grateful that you held on to your plan for saving lives.
If it were not for you I would not be here to help you. You RESTORED my life and allowed me to have QUALITY of life .
I’m forever indebted to you.
A brief recap of my survival,
Pancreatic surgery in 2006
Recurrence in 2008
Rexin-G  2008-2009
Please let me know more about the program and how I can help you and other people.

My Love and Gratitude



You have my permission to publish my comments.

You will always have my prayers and blessings for your healing work and to you my special friend you continue to bless my life. You are indeed my angel and I love you deeply.

With gratitude,